What is it and how to activate Badoo Premium

What is it and how to activate Badoo Premium

In chat, remember to always be honest and not to use vulgar or violent language, otherwise you could be reported to Badoo and risk blocking your profile.

You’ve heard of Badoo Premium but you don’t know what it is? This is the paid version of this popular dating app that allows you to increase visibility on Badoo and, consequently, to be able to meet and get to know a higher number of people.

Subscription plans: 7 days – 5,99 euros; 1 month – 19,99 euros; 3 months – 45,99 euros; 6 months – 90,99 euros; for life – 114,99 euros.

Benefits of Premium Membership

There are several advantages of prefer Badoo Premium, for example, you can see the profile of the person who left you a I like it in the meetings section; cancel a No given by mistake; contact the most famous users on the platform; to be able chat first with the newcomers on Badoo; highlight a message sent to a profile by exceeding that of other users; browse and watch profiles anonymously and much more.

If you want to increase the visibility of Badoo on apps without subscribing, you have to use gods credits which can be purchased on a one-time basis. With these, for example, you can have priority in the search rankings and be among the first places in local searches. Or, increase the affinities and increase the chances of dating or promote your photo and let people know that you are online. Each advantage has a credit cost very specific. You can buy with the same payment methods for the subscription.

With the telephone credit you can buy: 100 credits – 2 euros; 550 credits – 10 euros; extra package of 250 credits at 5 euros.

How to unsubscribe from Badoo

To delete your account from Badoo, the steps are different depending on whether you are on the app or on your computer.

How to unsubscribe from Badoo via smartphone and tablet

To unsubscribe from Badoo on your smartphone or tablet, you need to go to yours Profile (last icon at the bottom right) and click on the icon gear, top left, to enter the Settings by Badoo. Select Account (with your email) and at the bottom click on the link Delete account.

On the screen of Delete account, specify if you prefer to hide your account or if you are determined to cancel it. In the latter case, check the item Delete your account and press pulsating Continue.

Badoo will try to give you a 3-day free offer on Badoo best hookup apps Sunnyvale Premium, but if you want to remove your Badoo account, press down on No, delete my account.

How to unsubscribe from Badoo on a computer

Da computer instead you have to press on your name at the top left, on the right screen press the gear icon and then, at the bottom, click on the link Delete account. Check the item Delete my profile and click on Continue.

Answer the question Why do you want to leave Badoo?, enter yours Password I awarded her Delete my account but I will complete the operation.

In both cases, you will receive an email warning that your Badoo profile is no longer available and that it will be completely deleted in 30 days. If you change your mind before this deadline, you can click on the button Reset account, in the email received.


The Badoo app is free and allows you to meet new people near and far and start chatting right away. Easy to configure and use, the algorithm works well and proposes the profiles with the highest percentage of affinity.

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